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Linn Audio Loudspeakers Surround Systems

Linn Audio has created a totally new product that has never before existed in the High-Performance audio world; a complete 5 channel surround system where all speaker components are of High-Performance quality, and intended to be primarily for music listening.  The systems may also, of course, be utilized for Home Theater applications. 

This type of system is what Sony first proposed, in the early 2000s, for their SACD recording and playback systems; that is, 5 speakers of equal high quality, in order to play back the 5.1 channel SACD recordings.  But truly High-Performance audiophiles shunned this system, and decided that they would rather spend their money on two good stereo speakers, and not 5 speakers of lesser quality for the same price.  So the surround systems were adopted by the home theater crowd, who did opt for speaker designs of much lower quality.  And since that time, no one has sought to develop and market a system for those select few people who also want surround playback, but of truly High-Performance quality.  This may not be a great number of people, but for those who do want it, Linn Audio is the only place to buy such a system.  And, ironically, plain stereo aficionados are now routinely paying far more for a stereo pair of speakers than Linn Audio charges for a complete 5 channel surround system, with all of the speakers in the system of equal or even better quality than those expensive stereo pairs.

Afer all, David Linn, the founder of Linn Audio Loudspeakers, wanted this system for himself, when the SACD playback recordings and equipment first came out, and sought to develop such a system.  He wanted truly High-Performance, and to get the most out of the SACD recordings that were available then.  Ironically, in the 12 or so years since, there have been released many thousands of good SACD surround recordings, many more than were available then, but this type of playback system has simply not been promoted in the audio marketplace.  David Linn believes that if this is the system that he has always wanted, then there must be at least a few others out there in the world who want the same thing.  So he now seeks to promote these systems to the general public.

The speakers utilized for these systems are, for the most part, the same units used in our stereo systems (except for the “Parthenon” center channel speaker)  The heart of our main system offering is a pair of the “Acropolis” speakers for the front left and right channels, and employing the massive “Parthenon” speaker for a truly high-performance center channel.  The Parthenon is based on the same size, shape and drivers as the “Acropolis” but designed for a horizontal configuration, allowing for a video screen above.  For the surround channels, we have developed a smaller version, but with the same High-Performance quality, which we call the “Delphi." 

See photo above for this complete system, and note also the complete electronics package that can reveal the highest possible quality of sound from the speakers. 

Note that there are several other possibilities for surround systems with our speakers.  We developed the “Athenaeum” speaker system that uses the same drivers as the Acropolis and has very similar quality sound performance, but only half as high.  A surround system can be assembled by using three of these units for the front three channels, as well as two of the Delphi, and at a lower cost than the above described system.  Also a system could be assembled using all Delphi speaker units, at a further lower cost. 

All of these systems will perform better than any surround system on the market today, and produce sound so clear, and with such spectacular results, that it must be heard to be fully appreciated.  Most people have really never heard a truly High-Performance surround system, and don’t even know what they have been missing!
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