About Us
About us

A Renaissance in music listening

We have a new theme for our products, calling them a "Renassance" in music listening, since they are so high in overall musical reproduction quality, that this level of perfomance has never even been heard before.  Consequently, we have named our speakers after ancient Greek monuments, in order to emphasize this "rebirth" of recorded musical reproduction.

We were formerly located in the "Granite State" of New Hampshire, where we offered custom high-end speaker systems to the people in the Seacoast Area, and the North Shore of Massachusetts for many years.
 We now have opened our business to the general public with a new major offering, the "Acropolis" (formerly called the "Reference Granite") to describe its "solid as a rock" qualities.  And recently, we have added three new speaker designs:  The "Parthenon," the "Athenaeum," and the " Delphi."  Click on the "Speakers" button above for pictures and specifications for all these speaker products.

We are so confident that you will like our systems, we offer a Money Back
Guarantee, and Free Shipping Worldwide!

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speaker system, as well as the guarantee.

New factory and Showroom in Oakland, California:  now serv-
ing the entire Pacific Rim.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Spectacular new Music Surround System; the only true High-
Performance Surround System on the market.  CLICK HERE
for full description.

California Audio Show Video on youtube:  CLICK HERE

Rave reviews from all the audio shows we have attended:  CLICK HERE


Linn Audio Loudspeakers (formerly linn audio of new hampshire)
Factory/Showroom:  851 81st Ave., Oakland, CA  USA; Mail:  P.O. Box 212, Moraga CA  94556; Phone: 1-(800)-558-7413 Email: dnlco@juno.com
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