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History of the Reference Granite

The Linn Audio Reference Granite speaker system is the culmination of decades of research and development, as well as countless hours of expert and critical listening. The founder of Linn Audio, David Linn, has a lifetime of experience with high-end audio equipment, having worked in the audio industry starting way back in 1965, when he was a sales rep for JBL. At that time, JBL was the highest of the high end of its day, and Mr. Linn has not forgotten the design principles and objectives of the JBL engineers. He utilizes many of these same principles today. Mr. Linn has since had training as an Electrical Engineer, and has applied all his engineering training and expertise, as well as a lifetime of listening and enjoying high- end stereo, to the development of his speaker systems. This most special system was designed around some of the classic JBL principles, including large, paper cone woofers, with 4" voice coils, and a mid-range horn with a large compression driver. Both these driver elements were used on some very famous, and still desirable systems, such as the Paragon, which still commands a very high price for aficionados today.

The Current Status

So the result that we have come up with in the Reference Granite design is something a little different than what is typical for home speakers, most notably the compression driver/horn for the mid range. Why do we still go for this old JBL design element when a cone mid range is more typical in today's designs? Simply because it sounds so good! Years of testing and listening has convinced us that this design is still the best for home listening. Also, as implied above, we have searched the world over for a compression driver that sounds great, and have located the one that we now offer in the Reference Granite system.

By searching the world over for drivers that sound the best in this design and cabinet configuration, we have found what we consider to be the most desirable and musical. We have not prejudiced ourselves by only considering the known name brands that are currently and commonly used in today's high end offerings, though we have tested and auditioned them all. We are being bold enough to take this unorthodox departure from the current doctrine of high end design, in order to present the best possible musical performance to the buyers of these units, who will seek to enjoy the great sounding music that this system is capable of producing. We do, however, utilize the best available, and most famous brands of other components of the system, namely the binding posts, capacitors and internal wiring used in the system.

Those of you who are sometimes bothered by the so-called "digital edge" on some CDs may find that there will be a lot less of it in the use of this system. A lot of this "edge," we have found, is "component edge" that it is in the speaker systems themselves, and the components used in them. We have sought to eradicate it, as much as is feasible, in our systems, so that the Reference Granite, combined with other good quality components, amps, CD players, turntables, cables, etc., will reward the listener with the most pleasing and enjoyable music possible.

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