About Us

About us

The Reference Granite speaker system comes in three main formats:  one, natural wood veneer on the main cabinet body, with smooth satin finish black on the top, base, and front baffle extensions; two, satin finish black on all surfaces; and three, natural wood veneer (as well as some solid wood parts) on the entire cabinet.

We have a selection of finishes for the wood versions, though all are finished in a very hard satin varnish, that will not damage or scratch easily.  For the black versions, we have one style that is wood veneered on the main cabinet body, the same as with the wood version of this type, but varnished black, so that the wood grain shows through; and another version which is smooth satin black on all surfaces of the cabinet.

It is also possible to custom order a wood veneer type, and finish color, according to your own taste and preferences; although this requires a deposit, and an 8 to 10 weeks lead time. 

So we can be flexible and accomodating with the finish type, in order to satisfy even the most discriminating audiophile.

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