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About us

A key design element is the use of very high efficiency drivers, both the woofer, and the mid-range horn. In the old days the only kind of amplifiers available were tube type, so the efficiency had to be good. But today's high-end preference is also for tubes, using much the same designs that were popular then. So this speaker system is especially suited for those who still lean towards tubes. The system is set up for bi-wiring or bi-amping, however, and this is a modern improvement. We have found that this system sounds the best when a good solid-state amp is used on the bottom end, and a tube amp on the mid range horn. The mid range driver is extremely efficient, at 107 db, so that when run separately, a very low power tube amp may be used, such as a single ended triode design, which usually have quite low power, but the lowest distortion. Also we have added a super tweeter to the system to give the very extended range that is desirable for today's listeners. See the "Drivers" link for more data on the drivers.

The cabinet has also been updated to conform to today's preferences for tall, but narrow enclosures, and constructed of very heavy MDF, a material that was not available in the old days. The original JBL cabinets tended to be low and wide. The Paragon was only 30" high and 8' long!

We have searched the whole world over to find the ideal drivers for this design philosophy, spending many years in the search. JBL itself now makes drivers that are more suited to commercial applications, such as large theaters, and PA systems. Though we have tested the current equivalent JBL speakers, just to see if they are still suitable for a good home system, we have found others that we like better. We have even gone so far as to locate the old original JBL drivers on the used market, to see how they stack up to what is available new today, and again decided that we could do better elsewhere.

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