About Us

About us

We encourage interested buyers world-wide to visit our Factory and Showroom in Oakland, California.  Our systems are just too large and take up too much space in a listening room for most store-front dealers to stock them, so our principal source of sales is direct from our own showroom.  We are located only 5 minutes from the Oakland International Airport (a SouthWest Hub, for low-cost US airfares) and 15 minutes to downtown San Francisco. 

If you purchase a system from us directly, we will rebate your airfare.  Think of this offer as not only a unique audio experience, but as well, an opportunity for a free vacation to San Francisco!  CLICK HERE for further information about our Factory.  

Contact us by phone, or email; our voice mail service will respond and take messages 24/7  We will usually get back to you within a few hours.  You can also call President David Linn's personal line to make an appointment:  1-925-376-3826



All major credit cards accepted, as well as personal checks, cash, money orders, PayPal or bank wire transfers.  

Also, a new regional dealer has been added to our sales force:

Patience Anderson
Integrated Resource Management, LLC. (IRM)
PO Box 511
Ada, MI  49301
Phone:  248-974-8733
Email:   patiencea@irmsavings.com  

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