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Linn Audio is proud to present some new additions to our line of world-class speaker systems.  In the process of extensive listening tests to our speakers, we have also become familiar with amplifiers and interconnects, what works well with our speakers, and which complement the overall musicality of the system.  We have located the manufacturers of the components which we found to be of basically very good design and quality, and then contracted local electronics engineers and asked them to make some modifications to the amps to bring them all the way up to high-end specifications, mostly by replacing key components with those that high-end audiophiles demand for critical performance.  The result is that we have some extremely well-performing units to offer.

The LANH 2000 watt power amp.

The LANH 2000 watt amp, front view.

Here is pictured our high-power amp.  It is designed in Germany, with a basically very good structure and use of components.  It has a massive toroidal power transformer, as well as all discreet components in the signal path.  On the back are speaker cable terminals, WBT type, and the audio inputs can be either RCA unbalanced, or XLR balanced.  It puts out 1000 watts per channel, and has accessory volume controls independently for each channel.  The front panel has LED indicators showing the continuous power output, as well as amber and red LEDs to indicate overdriving conditions, or short circuits.  We have modified this amp to be sure that all components are high-performance audiophile preferred.  Other than these components all the others were already of audiophile grade.  There are flanges on the front panel for rack-mounting, if desired.  Dimensions:  4"x19"x20"deep.

The LANH 150 watt power amp.


This is a very nice, and compact, 75 watts per channel power amp, with an accessory volume control.  Like the 2000 watt amp, above, it has a heavy toroidal power transformer, and all discreet transistors.  We have also modified this amp to replace key components so that the overall performance is of a high-end quality.  We recommend this amp for the high end of a bi-amped system, such as our Reference Granite speaker system.  It has a very sweet and pure sound, suitable for the mid to high range of a system.  It is so pure, that it can rival many tube amps for low distortion, and sonic purity.  The use of the more powerful 2000 watt amp (above) on the low end of a system, along with this unit on the high end, will provide a very balanced and solid, but musical system, especially with the use of our own speakers, which are specifically engineered for bi-amping.  It may also be bridged for mono operation at 150 watts.  Also included is a built-in low-pass filter for use as a sub-woofer amp. Dimensions are:  5"x6"x12" deep.



The LANH Surround System Processor/Preamp/Crossover Unit


This is the new, and totally unique, Linn Audio Surround System processor/preamp/crossover unit.  It is designed to control a high-performance 5 channel music system, with selectable inputs for both 2 channels and 5 channels.  It eliminates the internal passive crossover components within the speaker enclosures, so that the power amps are directly coupled to the speaker drivers.  Since the Reference Granite speakers are 3 way systems, this unit controls 3 power amps for each speaker, or a total of 15 amplifiers altogether.  With the use of this unit, the resulting clarity and transparency of the sound is simply stunning!  The detail and definition of the musical performance is superior to any other speaker system on the market today.  Specifically intended for 5 channel players, such as SACD, it can also be used with Home Theater Universal (Blu-Ray) players.  You cannot possibly find a better performing preamp on the market today, assuming that you also plan to use an active crossover unit.  An active crossover unit designed to drive 5 complete 3-way speakers is simply not available anywhere, except from Linn Audio.  And the system is 100% Analog!                       Surround System Processor, Front and Rear Views  

  The LANH 6 Channel SET Tube Amp

This is Linn Audio's unique contribution to the high-performance music market.  The only one of it's kind, a 6 channel SET tube amp, for use with both multi-amped stereo, and 5 channel surround systems.  We buy these from a Chinese factory, and then completely rebuild them, adding the highest quality components available.  The result is the sweetest amp we have ever heard!  It is only 12 watts per channel, but this is plenty enough to drive our mid-range compression driver, as well as the ribbon tweeter.  Our 5 channel surround system uses 2 of these amps, one to drive all the mid-range compression drivers, and the other one to drive all the tweeters.  For a stereo system, just one amp will drive both mid-ranges, as well as the tweeters, using 4 of the channels in all, and leaving 2 more for spares.  The amp gives the highest possible performance for both our Reference Granite stereo, as well as our 5 channel surround system.  Combine this amp with the LANH 2000 watt solid state amp, above, for the low end to drive the woofers, and you cannot possibly find a better sounding combination of electronics to use with any of our systems.                                                                                    LANH 6 Channel SET Tube Amp - Front View

LANH Surround System Full Electronics Package 

 Linn Audio supplies a complete electronics package for the best possible perfomance of our 5 channel surround system.  Since most of the components are made in rack-mount chassis, we can utilize the illustrated decorative rack chassis to house all the components except the tube amps (above.)  With this package you get our proprietary surround system processor/preamp/crossover system, which consists of two separate chassis; one for all the control electronics, and the other for the power supply.  It has remote control for both volume and power on/off.  In fact the entire system of amps may be turned on/off with this remote control, as well as one push-button on the main processor chassis.  The power supply unit also includes a switch-over network for switching between 2 different 5 channel players; typically a high-performance SACD player, and another Blu-Ray Universal player, for use with home theater video installations.  Shown in this image is an Oppo Blu-Ray player, along with the 2 chassis for the processor, and 3 of the LANH 2000 watt power amps.  Not shown are the two 5 channel SET tube amps illustrated above, and which may be set on the floor of the listening room, behind this rack.  A high-performance SACD player may be set on top of the rack unit.  All these components can be supplied in a complete package; all the electronics you will need as an option to the LANH 5 channel surround system at a very reasonable price.  Also included are the (many!) interconnects and speaker cables necessary to set up the system.



High-Performance Interconnects

Linn Audio has also researched the interconnect and speaker cable manufacturers for high-end performance products that may need just a little more "tweeking" to provide outstanding performance in the best systems.  We have discovered a manufacturer who has such a product, and through our suggestions, has improved them, mostly by the grade of copper wire used, and the quality of the dielectric, to provide as good a sound quality as those at the top end of the market, costing typically many thousands of dollars to set up your system.  We believe you can do no better than these interconnects and speaker cables.  Shown below are the typical electronic interconnecting cables, as well as the offered speaker cables.  They are available in all the standard lengths.  All have gold connectors, and use high-purity oxygen free copper, as well as the highest and purest grades of insulation components.  They are also very attractive, and will contribute well to the overall aesthetics of your system.  We recommend these cables to all our speaker system customers.



Left:  Component interconnects, all gold connectors; available in standard lengths.



Left:  Y cable for use in bi-amped systems.  




Left:  Speaker Cables with banana plugs, all gold connectors; available in standard lengths.

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