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History of Linn Audio Loudspeakers

The founder of Linn Audio Loudspeakers is David Linn, an Electrical Engineer, who is also a life long lover of music and audio.  He has been designing and constructing high-end audio equipment for most of his adult life, with a special emphasis on loudspeaker systems.  Linn Audio was formerly in the “Granite State”, New Hampshire, and had been building custom loudspeakers for clients for many years in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, as well as covering the North Shore area of Massachusetts.  Linn Audio has decided to expand the market for our custom designed speakers by standardizing on just one system, which we know has been extremely popular for past and existing clients.

Testing and Listening

Mr. Linn has an obsession with eliminating distortion in his systems.  He has a very sensitive ear for distortion, a unique and probably his greatest talent, that far surpasses the information that can be had from test instruments alone.  He has done everything conceivable to minimize or eliminate distortion from the Linn Audio line of speakers.  There is no such thing as “zero distortion,” especially in speakers, but Mr. Linn believes that his speaker designs come as close as can be found in the high-end speaker market, regardless of price.  “Transparency” is a word that he also uses to describe his speaker designs.  In other words, nothing gets in the way of the music, and it is as close as you can get to the original performance.  “Most accurate” would also be good words to describe the Linn Audio systems, since they reproduce the music as faithfully as possible to the original performance.

Of course Linn Audio also utilizes the best available electronic test instruments to verify the proper performance of the systems, but this work is always followed up by many hours of extensive listening, playing all the different genres of music, to assure the lowest possible distortion and musicality of the designs.
Quality Construction

Like musical instruments created by skilled craftsmen, Linn Audio loudspeakers are constructed using the best materials available.  All parts of every speaker, cabinet materials, drivers, crossover components, wiring, damping materials, are selected for sonic quality.  Inner cabinets are constructed with multi-layered Medite MDF, then cross-braced and glued under pressure to eliminate any resonance.  Drivers are chosen for their sonic quality from among the best available in the entire world.  All drivers are selected for their sonic merits and construction quality.  All crossover components are constructed to eliminate any resonance, and every crossover component is supplied by premium parts suppliers.  Internal wiring is audiophile quality from the best manufacturers of silver conductor wire, and connections are point to point, soldered with silver solder. Cabinets are flawlessly finished with authentic wood veneers, giving each loudspeaker the patina of fine furniture.  The result is a beautiful piece of furniture, and sounds to satisfy the most demanding music lover.  The systems are all completely hand made, and right here in the USA.

The current status

So at this time Linn Audio presents our most popular systems, the "Acropolis” and the Athenaeum.  These units are designed for the best possible sonic performance available today, with both these systems being the best choice for use with tube type amplifiers, since they have exceptionally high sensitivity, more so than probably any other speaker system available on the market today.

Please link to the detailed descriptions of our current products, the Acropolis, and other systems found on the navigation bar "Speakers" above.


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